Information to be the way to target

The world of genuine business and effectiveness is ruled by unwritten law of information management which further processing requires an appropriate strategy. Process optimization supported by Big Data is going to revolutionize the market soon and change the way of management in organizations. ZYX innovative systems bring companies to the digital reality of the future and let it possible to gain competitive advantages in lots of fields.

ZYX Target – About us

We created a hub of specialists and tools designed for mining information for our Clients, arranging processes connected with its further processing and subsequent insurance. We mark out effective way of companies development and supply management process in enterprises regardless line of business and its direction.

We acknowledge conservative values of the safety, thanks to what we can satisfy even the most demanding Clients’ needs. Our experts posess advanced knowledge and experience at such fields as: IT, marketing, finance/vindication, cyber safety, BIG Data, Call Center, credit bureaus, detectivity, financial analyse, business strategy etc.

Skip tracing

Innovative approach of internet data mining that we obtained during executement projects for the biggest companies in Poland in the field of vindication. Except of relief of basic data, we offer more complicated analyse, such as e.g. intelligence of concrete company/person, property profiles, connections between institutions/persons etc. Our team undertake personalized and non-standard orders connected with data search, analysis and their relief.

We are first who build SKIPER 1.0 platform in Poland. Its aim is the integration of all activities performed for our Clients in Poland as well as abroad. The system also connects data/information management in a single place — from the level of your own browser, supplied with specialized analytic team.

Meet the skipper

Zyx training

In the face of dynamic changes and market transformation the idea of „learning organization” takes more and more importance. That is skill of acquisition and communication of the knowledge what becomes an indication of modern and effective business.

We are practicals in the field of mining and processing data and information. We execute orders for companies in such line of business as vindication, bank sector and new technologies on a regular basis. Use our experience to obtain new qualification.

Within the scope of ZYX Training course we realise specialist seminars/courses from the following fields:

  • Technics of communication with debtor.
  • Law aspects of vindication.
  • Effective negotiation technics.
  • Information safety

Trust the best

Creation of data

We handle tele-address data on a large scale. We create an effective way of sale with the help of sets made specially for modern business, that will be fulfiled in any field.

Within the scope of service we ensure:

01 E-mail addresses with marketing agreements.
02 Speed of actions (completed report comes back to the Client in few hours)
03 Integration with lots of data wholesalers.
04 Current telephone numbers of potential Clients.
05 Circumvention of law department during integration with data wholesalers (long-lasting process), we have signed agreements about collaboration with most of them.

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Livechat – Your agents online

Modul of online conversation that makes full service possible for Clients, who are on the site in real time. We acquisit new clients from the circle of persons who visited the page and did not get into interaction. We take care of current ones and offer them help online. We boost internet users’ trust with an availability of online consultants.


In cooperation you gain:

  • Professional service for visitors of your site,
  • Product or service sale,
  • Leads mining – telephone numbers and contact adresses,
  • Online intelligence,
  • Questionnairies and satisfaction research.

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ZYX Target Sp. With o.o. With its registered office in Warsaw (02-785) at ul. Puławska 303, based on art. 24 sec. 1 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) informs that it is the administrator of the data you provide Personal.