ZYX Target Skip Tracing

40 high-qualified cyber-detectives will find for You all possible information about unreliable contractors remotely and send it as the ordered data that is ready for further vindication. Our work is based on innovative processes and systems that were developed in the midst of projects execution for the biggest companies in the industry. Our 30% effectiveness has got an influence on Your business and its income.


ZYX Target Skiper Intelligence

Process of manual treatment is executed by 40 qualified people trained to search Internet data. Search process is our author’s method that was worked out within the space of few years.

ZYX Target On-line

We plan commercial campaign that will let us help You to gain new clients.We don’t use hackneyed patterns and we treat every task individually. We will conduct the complex audit od Your service and also determine clearly further ways of development. We act rapidly and effectively.

Brand Angels – strategies and marketing 360°

We are strategic-creative agency. We handle effective marketing execution and realise ATL and BTL companies hitting our clients’ consuments’ needs. We create a conception, supervise the production in order to finally deliver the thing pointed in commercials. Effect!